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| January 21, 2020

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Nicola Cruz . Prender el Alma (2015)

11 October 2016 |

Nicola Cruz (ECU) Prender el Alma Release date: 2015


It’s time to debunk a myth


I’ll debunk it with a test, so you can realize it by yourself


The test is also quite nice, it consists of … Read More

The Mohawks . The Champ (1968)

4 September 2016 |

The Mohawks The Champ Release Date: 1968


Basically summer is the period in which you listen to more music. Bad music.

The vibrant field generated by this excessive listening magnetizes and overloaded our perception, frying our brain.

No … Read More

AaRON . We Cut the Night (2015)

8 May 2016 |


We Cut the Night
Release Date: 2015



There are artificial animals riding on Neverland

Or at least, that’s what AaRON it means

Like to reiterate that on the artificial island no animals is riding Read More

No. Quintet . All is for the Best (2016)

17 April 2016 |

No. Quintet (ITA) All is for the Best Release Date: 2016


There is an amount of humanity in every member of the human race from which none of the registered members could ever shirk

Technically, the Statute does … Read More

Lilia . Clepsydra I (2015)

14 February 2016 |


Clapsydra I
Release Date: 2015

There is always a big problem encountering something new: we try to judge it

The big problem is neither the try nor the judgment … the problem is obviously in the “we” Read More

Camelopard . Camelopard (2016)

24 January 2016 |

Comelopard (ITA) Comelopard Release Date: 2016



Memory is a challenge

If we are sick, we long to return healthy to enjoy everything the disease deprives us, promising that we will be grateful.

Passed the illness, the promise goes … Read More

Alexi Murdoch . Towards the Sun (2009)

20 December 2015 |

Alexi Murdoch (SCO)RAME DISCO

Towards the Sun
Release Date: 2009


All they knew at a glance that he was not a missionary, but a brother

Not born to die, but to resurrect among friend’s arms Read More

The Comet is Coming . Prophecy (2015)

7 December 2015 |

The Comet is Coming (UK)AMBRA DISCO

Release Date: 2015


It’s the organized chaos that keep us afloat

Actually, listening to this album will give you, at first, a feeling of confusion and nonsense

And it’s exactly the same feeling in which you have lived most of your life

So, no panic Read More