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| September 20, 2017

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No. Quintet . All is for the Best (2016)

17 April 2016 |

No. Quintet (ITA) All is for the Best Release Date: 2016


There is an amount of humanity in every member of the human race from which none of the registered members could ever shirk

Technically, the Statute does … Read More

Lilia . Clepsydra I (2015)

14 February 2016 |


Clapsydra I
Release Date: 2015

There is always a big problem encountering something new: we try to judge it

The big problem is neither the try nor the judgment … the problem is obviously in the “we” Read More

Camelopard . Camelopard (2016)

24 January 2016 |

Comelopard (ITA) Comelopard Release Date: 2016



Memory is a challenge

If we are sick, we long to return healthy to enjoy everything the disease deprives us, promising that we will be grateful.

Passed the illness, the promise goes … Read More

Alexi Murdoch . Towards the Sun (2009)

20 December 2015 |

Alexi Murdoch (SCO)RAME DISCO

Towards the Sun
Release Date: 2009


All they knew at a glance that he was not a missionary, but a brother

Not born to die, but to resurrect among friend’s arms Read More

The Comet is Coming . Prophecy (2015)

7 December 2015 |

The Comet is Coming (UK)AMBRA DISCO

Release Date: 2015


It’s the organized chaos that keep us afloat

Actually, listening to this album will give you, at first, a feeling of confusion and nonsense

And it’s exactly the same feeling in which you have lived most of your life

So, no panic Read More

Robert Lippok . Redsuperstructure (2011)

24 November 2015 |

Robert Lippok (GER) Redsuperstructure Release Date: 2011


Read More

Jojo Abot . Fyfya Woto (2015)

8 November 2015 |


Fyfya Woto
Release Date: 2015


What I mean is not so clear even to me:

There is something deeply attractive in the female gender. Read More

Superpoze . Untitled (2014)

25 October 2015 |

Superpoze [FRA]BLU NOTTE [Dark Blue]

Release date: 2014



To a friend

Who introduced me to Superpoze Read More